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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats this all about then?

This website does one thing very well. It provides fun and entertaining online invitations that are quick, easy and confidential. No hassles, no tedious registration process, just great invitations quickly.

What makes this site any different to the other online invitation sites?

The big difference between us and the other online invitations is that there are no hassles with a registration process. Our invitations are quick and easy because you don't have to log in every time or provide personal information in order to make another invitation.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, we take privacy very seriously at invite-o-matic our privacy policy can be found by clicking HERE.

Can people find my page and crash my party?

This is ultimately your responsibility. Invite-o-matic ensures it's responsibility by giving the address for your invitation only to the person who submits the form, YOU. It is then your responsibility to give this invitation to the people you would like to attend.

But if the invitation is a webpage can anybody find it?

No, the invitations are dynamically created via the unique information given in the address by the creator of the invitation. Therefore, the webpage exists with its information only when you and your guests look at it.

What if I typed in the wrong information?

Simple, just create the invitation again. It only takes a few seconds.

What if I don't want to include my phone number?

You don't have to, just leave it blank. Fill in only those parts of the form with the information that you think your guests need to find you. For example, for an invitation for a few close friends to come around for coffee simply put 'you know where' in the address section.

Why doesn't it work properly?

Unfortunatly it is very difficult to make an internet application that works for 100% of users. If the invitations do not work properly for you it may be a result of javascript being turned off or the inability of your mail server to read html email (or many other things). However, you can be assured that this website has been created so that it works perfectly for over 95% of all users.

If you like what you see then click here to go to our homepage and create an invitation.

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